Our customers



The company's mission is to maintain an effective, reliable and lucrative transport flow for industrial and private facilities through the usage of innovative technologies.



Provide the company' customers with the most appropriate technical solutions comprised of products representing our industry.



Throughout its history, the company has produced about 12000 gates. Provided that the maintenance guidelines are complied with, all the products delivered and assembled still work as of today.



In the course of production process, the company cooperates with Europe's leading manufacturers of fittings and polyurethane panels; therefore, all input materials are inspected and certified, so that the end product would comply with the applicable standards. Different technical solutions can be suggested, depending on the usage and functionality of the building in question. All products come with a 24-month warranty, conditional upon the adherence to the respective operating manuals and maintenance of the mechanisms.



A prerequisite for the 24-month warranty is that the products must be installed by the company's assembly workers or authorised representatives.



Inasmuch as the company itself is the manufacturer, a lot of spare parts are readily available in stock. All delivered and assembled products are subject to maintenance service depending on the workload, during the warranty period as well. It prevents any technical flaws that might result from careless operation and decreases the risk of malfunctions. Applications for repairs are handled through the mediation of the assembly superintendent, who issues the respective orders to assembly crews. The company employs a number of assembly crews, operating throughout the entire territory of Latvia. The superintendent dispatches orders to assembly crews at 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM every morning, therefore it is advisable to file applications for repairs a day before. Repair works in Riga and the Riga District can be commenced within 24 hours except for weekends and public holidays. Other terms of performance of repairs can be negotiated individually.



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