Vertical wooden gates

Gates of this type are favoured for the natural and attractive design thereof. Vertical wooden gates are manufactured in Latvia from high-quality wood, using a technology that ensures a prolonged service life in the climatic conditions of the Northern region. The process of manufacturing a vertical wooden gate is far more complicated than it may seem. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the cost of metal section gates ad wooden gates is different.


Gate panels are made of pine wood with a moisture factor of 12-13%. Wing profiles are made of longitudinally glued laminae, glued to match the required length and height.

Afterwards, the billet sections are calibrated and ground, ensuring the precision of dimensions and preparing the surfaces for painting.

Then, sections, joints, drain holes, bolt holes and fittings are mounted using a CNC woodworking bench, which provides the benefits of electronic design.

Gate panels are assembled using a hydraulic frame press, while panelling is installed in parallel. Panelling options: classic mirror panels, made by veneering moisture-resistant MDF Umidax units, smooth veneered panels with extruded polystyrene panelling Stadur, 24mm.

Assembled panels are once again ground and prepared for priming. Upon completion of priming and intermediate grinding, two layers of lacquer are applied, ensuring ultimate resistance to environmental influence and the visual appearance of the wood. Sealing elements are integrated into the sections, ensuring resistance to environmental influence when the gate is closed.



Technical specifications of gates